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Selection of Universities

Selection of Top Notch Universities for students with different kinds of backgrounds. Our Top Notch Universities provide the highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs which is inseparable from its mission of developing new Understandings through research and creativity. Irrespective of the students background against academic & ETS scores we have something for everybody out here.

Test - Prep

Jeeva's Academy is famed for its uncompromising standards in imparting the best tutoring to its students to realize their best possible score in GRE, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS and PTE.


You are advised to start processing your application at least 8 months to 1 year in advance as you would need to take into consideration the importance of starting on a First Come First Serve Basis. The Admission criteria keeps changing from university to university, you would need to look into the importance of these criterions.


Plays a very important role in obtaining your I 20 & Visa. You are advised to start your documentation well in advance because it takes a lot of preparation time & hard work for excellent presentation of your documents. How you present your documents is crucial & plays a vital role in attaining Scholarships, Admission & Visa. The Most important documents are the Official transcripts, Recommendation letters, Statement of Purpose & Bank Statements.


Everybody looks for scholarships to ease their pockets. There are many fields in which Scholarships are granted. You would again need to start your application on a first come first serve basis. Your Scholarship deadlines differs from the admission deadline. The dead line for scholarship ends at least 3 to 4 months prior to the admission deadlines. The most important is your Academics. Meritorious students are given preference for scholarships. Anything above 65% in acedemic is good. If you are in your 4th year of academics, give it your best shot and strive to get above 65%. In your GRE/IELTS//TOEFL & PTE we would again stress on attaining excellent scores. You should score 310+ in GRE with a verbal of 150 to 160 + (If you are looking at some kind of Assistantship 160+ is advised). In IELTS you should get above 6.5 not less than 6 in all modules, TOEFL you should get above 90+, and PTE you should get above 60+, this proves your English proficiency. Taking the Academics & the ETS into consideration, mould yourself to attain the required scores which will be beneficial for you.


You are helped with your travel requirements which includes student discount fares, excess baggage, foreign exchange, ISIC (A discount card for students which is very beneficial worldwide) Etc.
We will assist you with your arrival transfers at your destination.

Stress Management

Stress is the "wear and tear" our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment; it has physical and emotional effects on us and can create positive or negative feelings. We help you to learn how to eliminate & manage stress of your physical & emotional reactions in a consistent manner.

Interpersonal interactions

As you are aware of personality tendencies that helps you to become a better communicator, motivator & team player, we will help you to improve your skills for successful interactions with people no matter what the circumstances are. Sparkling your creativity to new thinking & new results.


You may want to ensure that your goals are achieved, that your lives remain balanced and that you continue to grow and prosper throughout the journey. Sometimes, experts and sojourners experience culture shock, which can lead to dissatisfaction and an early return home. In order to help students adjust to their new surroundings we give information on varied aspects of the campus life, culture, food habits, weather conditions. Thus a student becomes well prepared to face the changes when he land in a foreign land.


Top Scores

Verbal - 160, Quant - 170, Total - 330
Sai Teja
Verbal - 159, Quant - 170, Total - 329
P. Manogna
Verbal - 155, Quant - 170, Total - 1325
D. Aditya
Verbal - 150, Quant - 170, Total - 320
Hema Bindu
Verbal - 147, Quant - 170, Total - 317
Prithvi Chandra
Verbal - 153, Quant - 161, Total - 314

Verbal - 146, Quant - 165, Total - 311
Verbal - 149, Quant - 161, Total - 310
Balla Reddy
Verbal - 144, Quant - 159, Total - 303
Pratham Tandon
Verbal-153 160 Total Quant--313
N. Babu
Verbal- 157, As-166, Total-323
C. Revanth
Verbal - 144, As - 158 Total - 302
B. Divya
Verbal - 156, Quant - 168 Total - 324
Verbal - 158 Quant - 163 Total - 321
Purva Bhatnagar
Verbal - 156, Quant - 164 Total - 320
N.Veera Bapineedu
TOEFL SCORE : 107/120
T. Divya
TOEFL SCORE : 111/120
V.Vamsee Krishna
TOEFL SCORE : 104/120
Syeda mahim Kaleem
Pavan Kireeti
Simratpal Singh
The Aditya
verbal - 150, Quant - 170, Total - 320
Hema point
verbal - 147, Quant - 170, Total - 317
Earth Moon
verbal - 153, Quant - 161, Total - 314

Visa Success

Divya Naveenan, University Texas, Dallas
Pepala Haneesh Kumar, University of Northern Virginia
Jay Prakash Mishra,University of Central Florida
Koushik Seetharam,Wright State University
Patnam Sravana Swathi,Western Illinois University
Pasupuleti V Rajesh,Western Kentucky University
Paladugu Sadhna,University of Louisiana Lafayette
Pendurthi Tejaswini,University of Arkansas, Littlerock
M. Sai Prashanth,Portland State University
Chinni Suman,Southern Illinois University
Tumati Sindhu,Western Kentucky University
B.SanjyaKumar Reddy,Mankato State University
Mandala Smaran,Missouri University of
Science &Tech
Mohietosh Singh,Louisiana State University
Pilli Pradeep Kumar,Bradley  University
Mangu Raj Vinay,Marist College
Kakumani L Narayana,St Mary’s University
Sakhamuru V.Pranay,DePaul University
K.S.Muralidhar Reddy,Polytechnic University
Kashetty Sunil,Western Kentucky University
Eluru Arun Kumar,University of South Florida
Mettu Niranjan Reddy,Rochester Institute of Technology
Ch.Krishna Chaitanya,Kansas State University
Kondapally Siddharth,Western Kentucky University
Sharang Sanker,University of Florida, Gainesville
Chikkala Ravithej,SUNY, Buffalo
Kazipeta Karthik,Western Illinois University
Mummaneni Pallavi,New York Institute of Tech
K.V.N Pavan Kumar,Arizona State University
Chalasani Vujwal,Western Kentucky University
Kavuri Bharath,Old Dominion University
Gade Sunitha,Western Kentucky University
Abhinandan,George Mason University
S.Srikar Shastry,DePaul University
Kotholla Lasya,Eastern Michigan University
Hunaid Rafi Contractor,University of Michigan Ann arbor
Maram Jaya V.Venu Madhav,Campbell University
T.Siddartha Reddy,Indiana University, Purdue University
Bezawada Prathyusha,Western Kentucky University
K.Naga Abilasha,University of Mary Hardin - Baylor
K.Ravindra Kiriti,St. Mary’s University
Abhinandan,George Mason University
M.Pallavi,New York Institute of Technology
P.Kartheek,Wichita State University
Ali Mohd Imtiaz,Illinois Institute of Technology
Nannapaneni Dharmateja,University of Sciences Philadelphia