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Online GRE Course

The online course has been designed to use the same quality approach experienced in the classrooms and offer it online for the people who cannot join the coaching in a classroom. The course promises an extensive material in different formats which is as authentic as the material from the ETS, the test maker.

With us you can take success guaranteed. Our mission is to provide students with the strategies, confidence and support required to help them till they achieve their dream score.

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Course Outline and content:

Analytical Writing & Verbal Reasoning

  • 55 video lessons
  • 90 verbal exercises
  • 120 practice drills
  • Two full-length tests

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Self-paced learning
  • Covers over 25 topics with practice on each topic
  • Explanatory notes

Features of the course:

  • Six months validity
  • ETS-standard material
  • Eloquent explanation of concepts, strategies and tips
  • Additional support through Ask-a-query and chat

Students say:

Hey Ms. Jeeva, Just wanted to let you know I got a 168 quantitative, 166 verbal for the raw score
I'm excited to tell you that I received a score of 5.5 (98th percentile) on the writing portion of the exam. No doubt this is due to your excellent videos and feedback on my essays.

Watching the videos has improved my abilities greatly in a short amount of time.

Thanks a lot for your invaluable help.

Steve, Jeeva's Online Student (

Jeeva's GRE Analytical Writing (AWA) Prep Course worked wonders for me. I was completely clueless as to what is Analytical Writing section in the GRE all about. After watching Ms. Jeeva Madam's lectures i knew exactly what the section demands from an MS aspirant. The lecture is so comprehensive that it will not only cover all your doubts but will make your thought process crystal clear and at the end of the course you will know exactly how to go about it. Since the first challenge that a GRE test taker would face will be the Analytical Writing section, its extremely important for a student to be well prepared to crack it, as it will have a good effect on the following sections of the GRE Exam. I would recommend it to all the test takers and give it a 10 out of 10.

Sharmila , India

It would be very glad if all Jeevas online lessons could be introduced at WIZIQ. I think it would go a long way to attract other participants outside India. In fact, i consider Jeeva's way of preparing for the GRE the most practicable.

Benjamin Anku, Rwanda

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Top Scores

Verbal - 160, Quant - 170, Total - 330
Sai Teja
Verbal - 159, Quant - 170, Total - 329
P. Manogna
Verbal - 155, Quant - 170, Total - 1325
D. Aditya
Verbal - 150, Quant - 170, Total - 320
Hema Bindu
Verbal - 147, Quant - 170, Total - 317
Prithvi Chandra
Verbal - 153, Quant - 161, Total - 314

Verbal - 146, Quant - 165, Total - 311
Verbal - 149, Quant - 161, Total - 310
Balla Reddy
Verbal - 144, Quant - 159, Total - 303
Pratham Tandon
Verbal-153 160 Total Quant--313
N. Babu
Verbal- 157, As-166, Total-323
C. Revanth
Verbal - 144, As - 158 Total - 302
B. Divya
Verbal - 156, Quant - 168 Total - 324
Verbal - 158 Quant - 163 Total - 321
Purva Bhatnagar
Verbal - 156, Quant - 164 Total - 320
N.Veera Bapineedu
TOEFL SCORE : 107/120
T. Divya
TOEFL SCORE : 111/120
V.Vamsee Krishna
TOEFL SCORE : 104/120
Syeda mahim Kaleem
Pavan Kireeti
Simratpal Singh
The Aditya
verbal - 150, Quant - 170, Total - 320
Hema point
verbal - 147, Quant - 170, Total - 317
Earth Moon
verbal - 153, Quant - 161, Total - 314

Visa Success

Divya Naveenan, University Texas, Dallas
Pepala Haneesh Kumar, University of Northern Virginia
Jay Prakash Mishra,University of Central Florida
Koushik Seetharam,Wright State University
Patnam Sravana Swathi,Western Illinois University
Pasupuleti V Rajesh,Western Kentucky University
Paladugu Sadhna,University of Louisiana Lafayette
Pendurthi Tejaswini,University of Arkansas, Littlerock
M. Sai Prashanth,Portland State University
Chinni Suman,Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Tumati Sindhu,Western Kentucky University
B.SanjyaKumar Reddy,Mankato State University
Mandala Smaran,Missouri University of Science &Tech
Mohietosh Singh,Louisiana State University
Pilli Pradeep Kumar,Bradley  University
Mangu Raj Vinay,Marist College
Kakumani L Narayana,St Mary’s University
Sakhamuru V.Pranay,DePaul University
K.S.Muralidhar Reddy,Polytechnic University
Kashetty Sunil,Western Kentucky University
Eluru Arun Kumar,University of South Florida
Mettu Niranjan Reddy,Rochester Institute of Technology
Ch.Krishna Chaitanya,Kansas State University
Kondapally Siddharth,Western Kentucky University
Sharang Sanker,University of Florida, Gainesville
Chikkala Ravithej,SUNY, Buffalo
Kazipeta Karthik,Western Illinois University
Mummaneni Pallavi,New York Institute of Tech
K.V.N Pavan Kumar,Arizona State University
Chalasani Vujwal,Western Kentucky University
Kavuri Bharath,Old Dominion University
Gade Sunitha,Western Kentucky University
Abhinandan,George Mason University
S.Srikar Shastry,DePaul University
Kotholla Lasya,Eastern Michigan University
Hunaid Rafi Contractor,University of Michigan Ann arbor
Maram Jaya V.Venu Madhav,Campbell University
T.Siddartha Reddy,Indiana University, Purdue University
Bezawada Prathyusha,Western Kentucky University
K.Naga Abilasha,University of Mary Hardin - Baylor
K.Ravindra Kiriti,St. Mary’s University
Abhinandan,George Mason University
M.Pallavi,New York Institute of Technology
P.Kartheek,Wichita State University
Ali Mohd Imtiaz,Illinois Institute of Technology
Nannapaneni Dharmateja,University of Sciences Philadelphia